Baby growth in 0 to 1st trimester?

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What trimester can you tell if the baby will have problems?

It depends upon when you want to undergo screening and what type of screening. Amniocentesis is performed generally around week 16. Most tests are generally done during the second trimester though.

Which trimester does a baby gain most of its weight?

How much weight does a baby gain in the last trimester?

When a woman enters her third trimester, the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby usually weighs 2 ¼ to 3 ¾ lbs. By the end of the eighth month, the baby usually weighs about 6 lbs. By the end of... Read More »

Can it hurt the baby to ride a horse in the last trimester of your pregnancy?

I would say that it is generally unsafe to ride a horse during the third trimester of pregnancy. The uterus at this point is stretched to its maximal point, and is very sensitive to any sort of mov... Read More »