Baby eye problems?

Answer an artificial surfactant

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Is there any way to keep a baby away from the father if he's a really bad person and doesn't want it but will just see the baby to cause problems?

Answer Never let the baby near his or her father you should move to another place with the baby so nothing bad will happen.

What trimester can you tell if the baby will have problems?

It depends upon when you want to undergo screening and what type of screening. Amniocentesis is performed generally around week 16. Most tests are generally done during the second trimester though.

Baby having problems in latching on?

You need to see a breastfeeding counsellor asap. Check out for details of how to get help.It's not too late so please don't despair!

Problems With Newborn Baby Skin?

Babies aren't usually born with clear, radiant skin. They might have any number of skin conditions. Many of these conditions will resolve on their own after a few weeks of a baby's life. Two of the... Read More »