Baby and infant?

Answer An infant is a child whose age is 1 year or less. Thiis is the medical definitionA baby is a young child or infant who is yet unable to walk(Oxford English Dictionary)

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Does my baby need an infant helmet?

On One Hand: Often Medically NecessaryBabies often need an infant helmet because their heads are still soft and can easily change shape. Sleeping for long periods of time on the back, for example, ... Read More »

How to Photograph a Baby or Infant?

Baby pictures are treasures, but taking pictures of a baby can be daunting: They don't take directions, cannot be bribed, and are supremely unpredictable. But follow these steps, tips, and warnings... Read More »

Who can baby sit an infant in Texas?

Child care in Texas is only regulated if it is not in the child's own home. If you want to care for a child in your own home or anywhere other than where the infant lives, you must contact your loc... Read More »

Is a baby or a infant younger?