Babies wake up almost every two hours or so then why say sleep like a baby?

Answer Babies are produced when a woman and a man (be it girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife) go through sexual intercourse. The sperm from the man goes through the woman's cervix and uterus to fertilize... Read More »

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How many hours do sleep in a day and When do u usually sleep/wake up?

Oh! Massy you're so Goody-Goody ;-)I usually sleep around 2 a.m and my wake up totally depends on the frequency of my mom's SCREAAAAAAMMM....Usually around 11 or 12:-D :-D

Did or do you wake baby up for feeds or let them sleep?

It will depend on the age, weight, and condition of the baby. Consult with your pediatrician or midwife. Babies under with one month with jaundice need to have that formula in on a regular basis.

How many hours should my baby sleep?

On One Hand: Babies Need About 14 Hours of SleepIn the first three months, babies should sleep 14- to- 18 hours, no more than four hours at a time. Babies who are four to seven months sleep an aver... Read More »

How many hours should a 3 month old baby sleep?

By three months of age, a baby should have a total of 15 hours of sleep each day. Five of the 15 hours should come from naps, usually spread into two to three naps each day, while the other 10 hour... Read More »