BT Home Hub / LCD monitor?

Answer The home hub does not like to have other electrical appliances near it. Your best bet is to have it positioned on it's own somewhere. It does mention something about it in the instructions, but as ... Read More »

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Can I use a monitor to monitor 15 pin VGA cable as a D-sub cable for a home theater system?

As long as your purpose is to connect a VGA output to a VGA input, yes.>> When I see or hear "D-sub", I think of 9-pin data connections. They cannot be connected or adapted to VGA connections.

I am Getting a lg blu-ray home cinema system for my TV/Monitor?

i have to agree with BBT home cinema systems in a box are a waste of time especially if its made by Lucky Goldstaryou are better getting a proper AV receiver and building your system around that, i... Read More »

How do I monitor my business from my home computer?

When you cannot be at work but still must be able to monitor business information and employee performance, you can use your home computer to accomplish this task. Remote access allows you to tie i... Read More »

I am getting eye pain always when seeing monitor screenany home medicine for that?

My own free medicine:1. Frequent micro-breaks to rest the eyes.2. My monitor setting does not strain my eyes; ~30% Brightness and ~80% Contrast.