BP's Techniques for Stopping an Oil Spill?

Answer BP is an international oil and gas company that provides fuel for vehicles, energy to heat and light buildings and petrochemical products for every day use. According to, the company sold $2... Read More »

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Me, no one can really stop me but myself. Sounds like a cliche, but when I take a long hard look, it's the truth.Oddly enough, it is the reason I am on Yahoo Answers right now (seeing if the idea I... Read More »

Why does BBC iplayer keep stopping?

Technically, the taxpayer.The BBC is owned by the UK state. The government funds the BBC by charging all UK television viewers a license fee.

What does stopping down mean in photography?

The following applies to an SLR and may not apply to a DSLR. It can mean either: a) simply reducing the light transmitted to the film or camera sensor by way of adjusting the aperture so that it ... Read More »

Stopping for school bus?

Hi Alexandra,I see this question a lot! You were smart to reveal that you live in Ohio, because this law can vary from state to state and in different countries.It's funny and amusing how the answ... Read More »