BMW Z4 Windscreen Installation Instructions?

Answer To avoid paying extra money in mechanic fees, some BMW Z4 owners may opt to install a windscreen themselves. If you have previously had the screen in your BMW Z4 removed to either have it repaired ... Read More »

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Installation Instructions for a PST Sway Bar Kit?

PST manufactures a wide variety of products, including sway bars. A sway bar connects the suspension on each side of the vehicle, minimizing side-to-side sway and lean when cornering. This can incr... Read More »

Add a Leaf Installation Instructions?

If your vehicle's rear leaf spring suspension has developed excessive bounce, you can improve your vehicle's shock absorption by installing an add-a-leaf to the leaf springs. Leaf springs are typic... Read More »

SMB Cam Bearing Installation Instructions?

The camshaft in an engine block requires several bearings to function properly. The camshaft controls the exhaust and intake valves. Without a camshaft, an engine will not start. Although the exact... Read More »

Coilover Installation Instructions?

An aftermarket coilover suspension system will give your car a lowered ride-height while improving its overall handling ability. Coilover suspensions feature a more rigid spring and shock setup whe... Read More »