BMW 325ci History?

Answer The 325ci was a step in the continued evolution of the 3-series of BMW. The car debuted for the 1987 model year as the German automaker's first true convertible and was one of several 325 packages ... Read More »

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What is the gas mileage on a BMW 325ci?

The BMW 325ci has a highway mpg of 30 and a city mpg of 20. Combined, the mpg is 22. The model is available in a convertible or hard top.References:Truck Resources: 2010 to 2011 BMW 325ci Review

DIY: How to Replace a PCV on a BMW 325Ci?

Every BMW 325Ci automobile has a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve to enable recirculation of environmentally harmful fumes back into the engine. In this way, the PCV valve acts as a emiss... Read More »

How to Replace the Fan on a 2001 BMW 325ci?

Replacing the cooling fan on your 2001 BMW 325ci engine is critical to maintaining your engine and radiator to prevent overheating. Installing a new fan ensures increased function of your vehicle's... Read More »

How to Remove the Console in a 2005 BMW 325Ci?

Removing the console of your BMW allows you to customize your 2005 BMW 325Ci with an updated style, color or new version of the original console. This do-it-yourself project offers a budget-friendl... Read More »