BMW 323i Information?

Answer BMW produced the 323i 3 Series on the E36 platform in 1997 to replace the 2002 coupe and to offer an entry-level luxury sedan. It is part of the 3 series, BMW's best-selling automobile, and the com... Read More »

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The History of the BMW 323i?

In 1977, BMW released a new compact line of vehicles named the 3-Series. Through the years, the 3-Series saw many changes, new additions and eliminations. The year 1998 brought about a new model in... Read More »

BMW 323I Specifications?

The BMW 3 Series is a line of luxury cars available in multiple versions, first launched in the 1970s. The 323i model is a four-door sedan last available in the 2000 line. The 323i originally retai... Read More »

How to Change the Oil for a BMW 323i?

Changing the oil on your BMW 323i maintains the engine performance and longevity of your vehicle by keeping the moving engine parts lubricated. BMW 10W-40 is a synthetic oil that is more heat-toler... Read More »

2000 BMW 323I Specs?

In 2000, German automaker BMW continued to produce its 3-Series line of entry-level luxury cars that it first introduced in 1977. The 2000 model line continued the styling changes made to the model... Read More »