BLAUPUNKT CAR AUDIO-are they market leader,right or wrong.?

Answer Blaupunkt is since 2005 the world leader overtaking Delphi. Delphi When reviewing and audio product, it is very subjective. One persons medicine and nother persons poison. Blaupunkt is very good q... Read More »

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How to Manually Uninstall the Wrong Audio Driver?

An audio driver or sound driver is software that allows a computer to use a sound card. Sound cards require specific drivers depending on the model of the sound card and the operating system of you... Read More »

What's wrong when my TV picture randomly turns off but the audio stays on?

Your video board in the television might be having problems.Send it for maintenance and check up incase you can still save your video board.Otherwise,exchanging a new one would be costly to you.Goo... Read More »

Buzz when hooking up audio/video system. What am I doing wrong?

The CATV coax is a common source of 60 hz hum. It picks up the noise from outside your house and injects it into your electronics.You have some choices:- Call your CATV company and insist they come... Read More »

How to Wire a Blaupunkt Amp?

Wiring a Blaupunkt amp is not unlike wiring any other amplifier. The main steps will be connecting power, audio source and speakers. The process for connecting the wires should be fairly straightfo... Read More »