BLACK FRIDAY. .....Need your help. Question mark ;A;?

Answer You should already be standing in line if you think you're gonna score a notebook at Best Buy. Good luck mang, that place is a deathtrap.You'd probably be better off going to on Monday a... Read More »

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Has anyone went one day before black friday in a store and hid an item to be bought on black friday sale?

I have not.. But that is an excellent idea:o

Black Friday Help !?

yes i would go to walmart real early to get them in your size

Help me my question mark is an É?

I've had that problem for SOOOOOOO long, and I finally came across the solution. Before I just exited the program completely and restarted the application and it was fine, but now I found what tog... Read More »

I try typing a question mark but get an é instead! please help me fix!?

That occurs when you have pressed shift and ctrl and the same time while trying to press "?". To fix be sure to push down both shift and ctrl at the same time and release at the same time.