BK Family Foods "Name a country known for its cuisine" italy,france or mexico?

Answer "Cuisine" is a French word

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How to Make a New Mexico Cuisine Meal?

Stuffed SopaipillasNew Mexico Cuisine is unique in that it Blends both Native American and Spanish dishes into a blend you'll not find anywhere else in the world...So to start this off Right I'll s... Read More »

What kind of foods are examples of American cuisine?

How about fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy; or hamburger/cheeseburger and French fries; or chicken and noodles; or biscuits and gravy? And how about the variety of 'soul food' that is par... Read More »

Which country has the best cuisine ?

Oh. my dear, I have traveled to many countries, eaten many strange things and wonderful ones, lived in China, Germany, and Turkey, as well as the U.S. I love food of all kinds, but if heaven meet... Read More »

Which country do u think has the best cuisine ?

Indian. Coz it has a lot of variety. North Indian, Punjabi, South Indian, Rajasthani, Kashmiri, & all have different taste.