BBQ catering prices Florida?

Answer Having lived in Tampa & Orlando, Florida, and as a chef for 30 years, let me give you some advice:1) The best time to inquire about a catering for your reception is in March. Right now, caterers ar... Read More »

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How to Set Catering Prices?

Setting catering prices can be tricky, because no two catering jobs will be exactly the same. That means with every job, your overhead will slightly or even dramatically fluctuate. You'll want to m... Read More »

What Certificate Is Needed in Florida to Start a Catering Business?

Aspiring catering business owners wishing to operate in Florida must complete specific steps and requirements to create food and serve it to paying customers in the state of Florida. Caterers must ... Read More »

Are propane prices tied in with gasoline prices?

Propane gas prices are tied to gasoline prices because both fuels come from crude oil and are in direct competition with each other, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.References... Read More »

Why do bond prices go up when stock prices fall?

Stocks and bonds are competing investments that attract different classes of investors. Because of corporate structure, bonds offer less risk, while stocks are associated with greater profit potent... Read More »