BBC: "Dinosaur World" Games?

Answer The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) "Dinosaur World" games are a series of interactive applications and quizzes based on the prehistoric era. The player can assume the role of a palaeontolog... Read More »

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Does a Dinosaur Chase You on the Dinosaur Ride at Disney World?

Dinosaur is an indoor thrill ride in the Animal Kingdom Park at Disney World. While the dinosaurs featured throughout the ride move, they do not actually chase the transport vehicle in which passen... Read More »

Dinosaur Learning Games?

From preschool through middle school, children can play a variety of dinosaur games. These games teach name recognition, pronunciation, history and sometimes even simple math too. Some dinosaur lea... Read More »

Dinosaur Games for Big Kids?

Dinosaurs appeal to kids both young and old, making them an ideal game theme. Dinosaur games meant for older kids include more complex tasks or more detailed information about dinosaurs. These game... Read More »

Dinosaur Card Games?

Kids who like dinosaurs will enjoy playing dinosaur card games. Games range from trading card games that provide kids with the opportunity to collect cards in a series, fact and trivia games that t... Read More »