BB cream for darker skin tones?

Answer Garnier-medium

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How to Do Makeup for Darker Skin Tones?

When choosing and applying makeup for darker skin tones, there are a variety of key factors to take into consideration for the best results. There are, however, more options available to those with... Read More »

How to Shade With Skin Tones?

Shading with skin tones can be a tricky process, and if not done right can ruin the entire painting.

How to Remove Red Tones in Skin?

For some people, it seems difficult or rather impossible to get rid of their natural red skin tones. In other cases, this redness is the result of acne, rosacea, sensitivity, sunburn, inflammation ... Read More »

Tatto on darker skin pigmentation!!?

Sadly darker skin is hard to tattoo in ways where the tattoo is visible. Black ink generally shows up better on darker skin tones than anything else. Light tattoo ink colors have a tendency to fade... Read More »