B young tries to stop the printing of the bom because it wae full of errors?

Answer I don't believe this to be true! The name of the "angel" who helped Smith name is Moroni. Also, for all the nay sayers obviously you don't understand either Christianity or Mormonism. Jesus Christ... Read More »

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How can i get people to stop making fun of my youtube videos just because i'm young?


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How to Stop Certificate Errors?

Digital certificates authenticate clients and servers on the Internet. Certificates protect sensitive information, including all browser communications. Certificate errors occur when you are trying... Read More »

Why is my printer printing in pink and not full color?

Is this an Epson printer by chance? If so, then your print heads are probably still clogged to a degree. I've had Epson printers do this to me for years, and running the standard cleaning utility... Read More »