B What will happen if a young teenager involved in relationship?

Answer nothing unless you want it too if not tell the boy before hand that you want to take it slow

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Now a days how many teenager are involved in early pregnancy?

How to Get a Great Relationship As a Teenager?

Once you are a teenager, a great new window is open to you... love. Love is a rewarding experience, and if you stretch a little, you will be rewarded a thousand times over.

Is the giant panda involved with any symbiotic relationship?

Unlike other herbivores, the giant panda is not involved in any symbiotic relationships with microorganisms that can help digest cellulose or hemicellulose carbohydrates. Instead, the giant panda p... Read More »

How to Stay in a Long Distance Relationship When You're a Teenager?

Have a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend? Do you live in Different places? Do you wanna stay in that relationship forever? Enjoy it