Aztec Culture & Paintings?

Answer The Aztec empire has intrigued artists and historians for centuries. Reaching the height of its influence in 1440, by 1521 the last Aztec emperor surrendered to the Spanish. The empire is remembere... Read More »

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Why is extended family different from culture to culture?

How old are the aztec pyramids?

Aztec pyramids were built in a span of time from approximately 1100 A.D. through approximately 1497 A.D. Most of these structures are thought to have been temples or palaces. Some of the Aztec pyra... Read More »

How to Do an Aztec Pushup?

There many types of pushups, perhaps some pushups are more effective than others. While other pushups may be easy, some might build explosiveness. Overall, strength bearing exercises beats physical... Read More »

What is the Aztec calendar?

The Aztec culture had two calendars. One was a seasonal and ritualistic calendar that covered 365 days. The other was a sacred calendar used for keeping track of religious festivals and holidays. T... Read More »