Awkwardness from first time makeup?

Answer Hmm... You really shouldn't order make up for the future. Make-up expires.... Liquid foundation and concealer should be replaced every 6 months.Lip stick and lip gloss last around 2 years.Blushes a... Read More »

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Makeup help needed! How can I use my makeup most effectively without ending up looking like a whore every time?

How the hell do you expect to make any money if the guys can't tell you're a whore?

How to Overcome Awkwardness?

Since you visited this article, you identify yourself as an awkward person. The definition of awkward in the social matter is defined as "lacking social graces or manners" ([1] So, i... Read More »

Nerves & Awkwardness?

-Try talking to yourself in the mirror. - Don't look them in the eye. It makes EVERYTHING awkward. Look around, laugh at your mistakes, say whats on your mind -Muster the courage. Push your shoulde... Read More »

If you're a 15-year-old girl how do you call your 22-year-old male cousin who lives far away who you don't know very well and develop a close relationship with him and his brothers without awkwardness?

AnswerMake a brief call to tell him you wish you knew him and his brothers better. Ask if you can email once in a while, exchange email addresses and hope for the best. Guys don't often like talkin... Read More »