Awkward sexual question... girls only, please?

Answer Even though you said girls only I bet some stupid guy is going to answer anyway, those idiots

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Awkward Question, Girls Only Please!?

Other than take a bath not sure of any remedies but you can but Sumner eves they have good spray keeps you fresh also change your pads ofter and each time u change wipe really good then spray baby ... Read More »

Girls only pleaseee... kinda an awkward question.?

Weird? No, it's very normal and everyone has it, especially at your age!Waxing or even nair may hurt, it's a delicate area.You can shave the area if you choose.It's virtually painless to shave, if... Read More »

Personal question.. girls only please?

It's normal.Since you are 17, you are totally hormonal. The big cup difference will definitely go away, and you will be more symmetrical, but when you are an adult, one is usually slightly larger t... Read More »

Period question, girls only please?

Always be prepared by this I mean in your purse. As soon as you feel some wetness run to the bathroom. Good Luck!