Away from home, how can i check my e-mails on a friennds computer?

Answer Use the free site by calling it up with your browser. It will ask you to fill in your email address and your password. It will then retrieve your email and show you pages listing the t... Read More »

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How many times do u check ur e-mails a day?

wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy TO MANY TO COUNT

How do i check my voice mails from other peoples phones!!?

Usually you can call your own number from another person's phone and when your voicemail picks up you will press either * or pound (depending on the carrier). It will then prompt you to enter your ... Read More »

I reported a Spoofer who sends me many Spoof e-mails, but his ISP won't accept e-mails to their address?

report him to your ISP, they'll get angry and contact his. Also you could just block the sender and bedone with it.If it's the same subject but different senders then you're just out of luck, you ... Read More »

I am getting e-mails regarding winning of lottery of huge amount from UK. is it these mails are belivable?

You shouldn't open unsolicted email from unknown sources. Often what happens is that when you open up spam, it sends back a trigger to the originating source indicating that a valid email address h... Read More »