Avoiding Additives in foods in Florida?

Answer You should know by now what types of foods contain addatives that affect him - and in Florida they will be very similar to here.So for example, he can avoid orange squash / fizzy orange and have wa... Read More »

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Different Kinds of Oil Additives?

Auto manufacturers recommend against using oil additives; some will actually void your warranty if you use them. The top-selling brands are formulations of the same key ingredients. Nearly all use ... Read More »

What cigarettes don't have additives in them.?

The only way to be absolutely sure is if you grow your own tobacco, dry and cure it yourself, then dice it to be rolled by you. (you also need to figure some way of making your own paper with no ch... Read More »

The Best Engine Additives?

The debate over engine-oil additives is a testy one. Many manufacturers have been accused of developing and marketing products that either have no benefit to vehicle owners or even accelerate the w... Read More »

Oil Additives to Help Compression?

Oil additives are used with base oil to enhance the benefits of lubrication in car engines. This includes helping to reduce friction, wear, corrosion and oxidation, all of which may contribute to c... Read More »