Avoiding A Home Foreclosure?

Answer Although stink bugs (Halyomorpha halys) are listed as occasional pests by Pest World, there have been infestations and having one stink bug can mean there are more around if favorable conditions ex... Read More »

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Should a home owners association in Nevada deduct the monthly dues as income from a home that is in foreclosure in doing their budget?

In producing the association's budget, there is a certain amount of 'educated guessing' involved in determining what expenses and revenues will occur next year.Depending on the lender who apparentl... Read More »

Can you buy a home after bankruptcy&foreclosure?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Damages Your CreditLenders look at your credit rating to determine loan-worthiness. The credit rating is a composite score based on your financial history, taking into accou... Read More »

Can HUD stop foreclosure of my home?

On One Hand: HUD Foreclosure Counselors Can HelpThe U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers free foreclosure avoidance counseling through approved counseling agencies. Housing... Read More »

How to Purchase a Home in Foreclosure?

While the potential to save thousands of dollars is alluring to many homebuyers, you should carefully consider the decision to purchase a home in foreclosure only after investigating all of the ben... Read More »