Avira free anti virus has found a few things, how do you delete them?

Answer If avira is like my anti virus, you open up avira and read what is in side. There might be a tutorial that gives you instructions.the things should be in quaranteen. It is best to leave them the... Read More »

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Of the free anti virus which is better Avira or Avast In what way If you had both would they be inconflict?

Avira may have a better detection rate (just slightly) but Avast has 7 more things included in it at no cost.....Avast hands down is the clear winner...Has 7 active scanners, 6 are deployed upon st... Read More »

How do I delete free anti-virus& spyware programs?

Uninstalling an Anti-virus ProgramClick on the "Start" button and click on the "Control Panel" option from the list. Double-click on the "Add/Remove Program" icon for Windows XP users or "Uninstall... Read More »

Avast, avira, AVG or other anti-virus?

Here we go again, AVG is the worst there is. Truth is all free AV's have there problems. People say Avast is better. Not by much. It has no heuristic scanning in the free version. That makes it use... Read More »

After installing AVG anti virus free download i did a scan and it found one trojan horse.?

along with AVG i suggest you install Spybot - Search & Destoy. Spybot is efficient in cleaning up Trojans, spywares and adwares. AVG scans and detects but sometimes fails. Along with these two a re... Read More »