Aviation Oil Vs. Car Oil?

Answer Aircraft and automobiles both rely on piston-driven internal combustion engines to propel them. However, due to distinct differences between the way airplane and car engines operate, a different ty... Read More »

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BSC Aviation Colleges?

A bachelor of science degree, or B.Sc., in aviation is recommended for anyone interested in training for a career in the aviation industry while getting a well-rounded education. Aviation professio... Read More »

What is QFE in aviation field?

A term used in basic telecommunication code. It means the atmospheric pressure at the aerodrome elevation or the runway threshold. With this setting, the altimeter will indicate 0 height on the gro... Read More »

How do I change aviation oil?

Setup and AccessRemove the aircraft engine's cowling, and set it aside to allow access to change the oil. Most engine cowlings are held in place by multiple quick-connector screws. Turn each screw ... Read More »

Where can I buy aviation supplies in NY?

I think you should search from yahoo to find nearest supplier address of aviation