Avg scan taking forever?

Answer depends on how large your hardrive is .. i wouldnt recommend avg because yesterday a virus got into my registry and deleted my system file. i had to reinstall windows. i had avg it dosn't work ..

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YouTube taking forever to upload..?

usually a 5 min clip video takes just less ~3min to upload in youtube. it also depends on the quality of the video whether its an 1080HD,720,360. also try to check the video filesize if it exceeds ... Read More »

Computer taking forever to start up..?

Run Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter monthly at the very minimum. Check for viruses, there are several free anti-virus programs (AVG and a-squared just to name a couple). Test your memory with memtest... Read More »

OMG! my youtube video is taking forever!! please help!?

you probably don't have the right file or just try uploading it again.

Why is your iPod taking forever to sync?

open itunes before you sync. it will sync alot faster.