Average salary for vp property management?

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What is average salary for Property Management Couple?

This time period may or may not have been defined in your contract. Call other property managers in the same industry in your locale, and ask the question about the time period.Then, send a letter ... Read More »

What is the average annual salary for an owner broker of a property management company of single family homes?

Leasing means to grant the temporary possession or use of lands, tenements, buildings, etc., to another, usually for compensation (monthly rent) at a fixed rate.

If a property management company doesn't have a renter for a property who is responsible for the mortgage payment The property management company or the landlord?

That is correct. The landlord is responsible for the mortgage payment as the investment property is ultimately his (name on the deed). And I also agree with the advice given below. A competent and ... Read More »

What is the average salary of a property manager?

According to, the salaries of property managers depend on experience. As of March 2010, those with one to four years of experience average $29,745 to $43,602 per year. Those with five ... Read More »