Average gestation of twins?

Answer According to research done by the March of Dimes the average gestation for twins is 35 weeks.

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What is the average gestation for dogs?

The average gestation period for dogs is 63 days, or nine weeks. However, it is safest to be prepared for birth after seven weeks of gestation, in case the puppies come early.Source:Guide of Dogs: ... Read More »

What is the average size of twins at 7 weeks pregnant?

When i had my 7 week scan theywere both 6.5mm. i dont know if this is average / normal.

Are the Bryant twins in the episode slumber party related to the twins that played nelson?

You are a mother of 2 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets your oldest twins are 16 and one just got diagnosed with tourettes and OCD is it likely the other twin will have it as well?

Because you may be pregnant or the man tricked your mind of being pregnant.