Average gestation of twins?

Answer According to research done by the March of Dimes the average gestation for twins is 35 weeks.

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What is the average gestation for dogs?

The average gestation period for dogs is 63 days, or nine weeks. However, it is safest to be prepared for birth after seven weeks of gestation, in case the puppies come early.Source:Guide of Dogs: ... Read More »

What is the average size of twins at 7 weeks pregnant?

When i had my 7 week scan theywere both 6.5mm. i dont know if this is average / normal.

If a girl slept with two identical twins and got pregnant, would both twins...?

I Think the Careful Analysis of the DNA (Germline), Would Reveal Some Difference. E. g., the Incorporation, of Viral DNA.

Mothers of TWINS, when your twins were born did you used to mix them up?

Unless your twins are identical you shouldn't have a problem. Most parents with twins will mark them. We marked my cousins (identical twins) with a permanent marker on the bottom of their feet unti... Read More »