Average costs for disabled people?

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What is the average monthly disability benefit for two disabled people?

The amount of disability benefit differs from person to person, so it is impossible to know the benefit for two people unless each person receives a Social Security Statement. Your monthly disabili... Read More »

Why do able bodied people have problems with disabled people having getting benefits?

There is a lot of abuse of the system which is sensationalised by some media so some people become very angry without stopping to think about the situation or the stereotypes their using.There are ... Read More »

The Average Costs of Pet Adoption?

People looking for a new dog, cat or small animal often turn to their local animal shelter because the average cost of pet adoption is considerably lower than the cost of purchasing a pet from a br... Read More »

Average Funeral Costs in Kansas?

According to a story in the "Kansas City Star," the largest newspaper in Kansas, the average funeral cost is $10,000. That's about how much a local family profiled in the newspaper had to pay when ... Read More »