Average Life of a DLP TV Bulb?

Answer The average life of a DLP TV bulb (Digital Light Processing bulb) is around 80,000 hours, according to the bulbÕs manufacturers. Once dead, the DLP TV bulb may be replaced.Source: http://www.maste... Read More »

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Where can I get those penny-sized things that fit between a bulb and a socket to extend the life of the bulb?

If you want to save money in the long run (both in energy and bulb life) then spend the couple extra bucks on fluorescent. I work in a courthouse and have a guaranteed savings of 30% (on lighting ... Read More »

What is the average life span of the average woman with a lung disease?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average life span for women and men diagnosed with early stage lung cancer is at least five years after diagnosis. Every person and every case is different at ever... Read More »

What Is the Bulb Life on a DLP TV?

A DLP television is a digital light processing internal projection TV. This type of TV projects high definition images on a screen using bulbs, which can be bought standard or custom for the set, d... Read More »

How long does a light bulb last on average?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a regular incandescent bulb lasts about 750 to 1,500 hours. A compact fluorescent light bulb lasts about 10,000 hours. A general fluorescent bulb, in a lo... Read More »