Average Income United States U.S. Census?

Answer The average income in the United States is $60,528 per household, according a U.S. census Bureau 2004 Economic Survey. Source:

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When is the next United States Census?

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts the population and housing census once every ten years. The census is currently being taken in 2010; therefore, the next will occur in 2020. An economic census and c... Read More »

How often is a United States census taken?

The United States Census is taken every 10 years. The purpose of the census is to calculate the number of seats in the House of Representatives from an area, as well as to allocate a proportionate ... Read More »

How often is the united states required to conduct a census?

The United States is required to conduct a census every 10 years, according to Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The census is primarily done for the purpose of congressional redistri... Read More »

On United States Social Security Disability income how much monthly income can you make before having to report it and possibly lose benefits?

You are legally required to report all earned income on your IRS tax forms, which automatically makes the information available to the Social Security Administration. The SSA asks that you notify ... Read More »