Average Consumer Debt?

Answer The average consumer debt is about $21,900 per household in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve. This is equivalent to 132% of the annual disposable income of the average household.Source: h... Read More »

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What Is the Average Consumer Debt?

The consumer debt for the U.S. is now over $2.43 trillion, based on a report by the Federal Reserve. This comes out to an average of about $21,900 per household.Source: Read More »

Consumer Income Vs. Debt?

Consumer income is both earned and unearned money that arrives consistently and dependably at pre-determined intervals from sources anywhere in the world. Income determines your quality of life whe... Read More »

Ohio Consumer Debt Laws?

If you can't pay your medical or credit card bills, you might feel frustrated and perhaps unsure of your rights. As a resident of Ohio, you are guaranteed certain rights when dealing with debt coll... Read More »

Consumer Debt Relief Information?

Unforeseen circumstances, such as a divorce or job loss, can result in an individual's debt level going from manageable to overwhelming. For consumers who struggle daily with debts they cannot pay,... Read More »