Avast Blocking Games?

Answer One feature of the Avast antivirus program is the ability to block potentially dangerous applications and executable files from running. By preventing them from operating, Avast stops them from spr... Read More »

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How to Go Ice Blocking?

Have you ever wanted to go outside and slide down a hill? Here's how!

Blocking on Facebook!?

Yes even though you blocked him on facebook and your sister tagged you in a photo he will still be able to see the post because your sister is friends with him that you blocked.Hope this helps?

Psu is blocking pcie 3.0?

this is IMPOSSIBLE !!a P8Z77-V motherboard in a HAF 932 case will not be covered by the psu, unless you put the graphics card into the black pci-e x16 slot - but this slot is NOT for a graphics car... Read More »

What is a blocking diode?

Blocking diodes are semiconductor devices that provide “blocking actions” in electrical circuits. Diodes conduct electricity in one direction but not in the reverse direction. Placing a blockin... Read More »