Autotrol Water Softener Instructions?

Answer The controls on an Autotrol water softener vary from model to another. To operate the water softener correctly you will need the proper set of instructions for your particular model. An Autotrol wa... Read More »

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Is it OK to water vegetable plants with water that has been treated by a water softener?

No, you should not water vegetables or other plants with softened water. Softened water has been treated to remove minerals and has high sodium content. Sodium will hurt your plants and may also da... Read More »

Which will let a propane water heater anode last longer Potassium or salt in the water softener?

Potassium is more reactive than sodium and will cause a sacrificial anode to deplete quicker. However, the rates of depletion are still relatively close, so that should not be a deciding factor wh... Read More »

Just for Me Texture Softener Instructions?

Hair texturizers are cream chemical products that loosen the natural curl pattern of an individual's hair without completely straightening it. This process creates smoother, softer curls that are e... Read More »

Water Softener System Vs. Water Conditioner?

Water conditioning is the catchall term for filtering, treating or softening water. When most people talk about water softening versus water conditioning, they speak to the softening of water usin... Read More »