Automotive Trim Removal?

Answer Auto trim removal is an essential stage of many auto repair processes. Often, a single piece of trim will have to be removed in order to make room for a replacement component. Alternatively, large ... Read More »

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How to Restore Automotive Trim?

Automotive trim is typically made of ABS plastic. Over time, UV light from the sun can case trim to fade or crack, or both. While restoring the trim in some cases is not possible, you can bring the... Read More »

How to Restore Rubberized Automotive Trim?

Sun, wind, rain and other harsh elements can cause oxidation or contaminate your black or colored trim, leaving it faded and unappealing. Restore rubberized automotive trim with specially formulate... Read More »

How to Remove Sticky Trim in an Automotive Interior?

Automotive trim on your interior can sometimes become outdated or worn down. If you want to remove the trim yourself, you will need to melt down the glue to make it pliable enough to peel off, then... Read More »

Automotive Paint Removal?

Whether your car is looking old, scratched and rusted, or you are into restoring classic cars, you may be considering a new paint job. The first step toward getting a sleek new appearance to an aut... Read More »