Automotive Paint Techniques?

Answer Professional painters usually do the job of painting vehicles for collision repair or for show. But you can paint your own car and get professional-looking results if you know the proper steps and ... Read More »

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Automotive Paint Masking Techniques?

A great auto paint job can be ruined by unsightly paint edges or over-spray caused by ineffective masking techniques. In professional body shops, auto preparers use masking tape, masking paper and ... Read More »

Automotive Painting Techniques and Paint Jobs?

Mass-produced cars are usually painted in the most economical fashion, to improve profit margins. Model T Fords were all painted black to ease production, but motorists who could afford the differe... Read More »

Automotive Sandblasting Techniques?

Although it is still possible to blast with sand, the term "sandblasting" is most commonly used as a generic term to describe media blasting is general. Prior to media blasting, paint and rust had ... Read More »

How to Spray Paint with Automotive Acrylic Enamel Paint?

Automotive acrylic enamel is not just for automobiles. It is a durable finish that can be used on any metal, plastic or wooden surface. Automotive acrylic enamel paint is formulated with solvents t... Read More »