Automotive Computer Reprogramming Tools?

Answer Automotive reprogramming or re-flashing is the act of basically rebooting the automotive engine control modules (ECMs). ECMs are small computers built into your vehicle, and they have many standard... Read More »

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Automotive Workshop Tools?

There are many different tools which you will find in an automotive workshop. However, the majority of them will fall into one of four categories: hydraulic lifts, air tools, hand tools, and speci... Read More »

Automotive Sanding Tools?

If you are going to paint your vehicle yourself, or just want to save money when you are having your vehicle painted, you can sand down the old paint yourself using specialty sanding tools. Before ... Read More »

Automotive AC Service Tools?

An automotive air-conditioning system requires specialty tools to service it properly. R134a and R12 are harmful to the environment if released into the atmosphere, so the majority of these tools a... Read More »

Essential Automotive Tools?

The mechanic of today does not have it easy when performing repairs on cars and trucks. The newest models contain components that require specialized tools for removal and repair and the trends alw... Read More »