Automotive Charging System Problems?

Answer The charging system of a car is one system that can really make it obvious when there's a problem. An automotive charging system is responsible for supplying current to the car's circuits and for k... Read More »

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Automotive Charging System Troubleshooting?

The automotive charging system consists of the battery, the alternator, wiring and, in some cases, a charging system fuse or fusible link. Testing the charging system involves testing the battery, ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Automobile Charging System Problems?

The charging system of an automobile not only keeps the main battery charged, it also provides the necessary electrical power to operate the engine and accessories. Consisting of a battery, alterna... Read More »

Automotive Refrigerant Charging Instructions?

If warm air is all you get from your car's vents, even with your car air conditioning set to high, you may need your car air conditioning recharged. Charging your car air conditioning system yourse... Read More »

Automotive Battery Charging Instructions?

Even under normal operating conditions there is a slight danger of your car battery exploding. Batteries generate hydrogen gas, which is combustible, and people have been hit by battery parts or sp... Read More »