Automotive Carpet Repair?

Answer When faced with poorly maintained or dirty carpet in your automobile, reversing the cycle to put life back in your carpet is often a person's main objective. There are effective methods available, ... Read More »

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How to Re-Dye Automotive Carpet?

Automotive carpet dye is made to improve the look of worn or faded carpet. These dyes work best when they are closely matched to the original carpet color. While it may be possible to change the co... Read More »

How to Cut Automotive Carpet?

The carpet in an automobile will usually wear out before the vehicle outlives its usefulness to the owner. Whether the carpet shows worn bare patches, stubborn stains from spills or a permanent lay... Read More »

How to Install Automotive Carpet?

The carpeting in a car sees a lot of use over time as people get in and out of it. Over time the car's carpet can become worn-out, torn and stained from use. While simply steam cleaning the carpeti... Read More »

How to Clean Automotive Carpet?

Clean automotive carpet is vital to keeping a car's interior looking good and smelling fresh. The carpet inside a car, van or sport-utility vehicle is made of a nylon fabric like household carpetin... Read More »