Automotive Bulb Replacement Guide?

Answer Automotive lighting is in place to make our travels safer and more comfortable. But like everything else on today's automobile, these lights fail over time. There are a wide variety of bulbs in an ... Read More »

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Can you replace a standard automotive bulb with an led replacement?

Standard incandescent automotive turn signals, tail lights and parking lights can be replaced with LED lights, but there are some things to consider. LED lights draw lower voltage, so turn signal L... Read More »

Where can i find my replacement bulb for my projector fujix p701 bulb p/n is L130WU?

Home depot, or lowes probably has one, but if not, check online.

Is there an LED bulb replacement for a jcd type GY8 pin halogen bulb?

Currently, there are no LED replacements for any JCD type bulbs.

What Are Automotive Replacement Parts?

If you have owned a car for any length of time, you have probably already figured out that cars will break down from time to time. Cars are made up of a complex arrangement of mechanical and electr... Read More »