Automobile Struts & Repairs?

Answer When an automobile encounters bumps or other things that cause rough driving, struts work to soften the effects of this. However, struts that need to be replaced will lose these characteristics. Th... Read More »

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How to Test Automobile Struts?

The struts on your car are a crucial aspect of the suspension and are responsible for providing a nice ride that isolates the occupants from surface imperfections or provides sporty handling in hig... Read More »

What Are Automobile Struts?

The strut on a car is a suspension component much like the shock absorber. However, it integrates other suspension components and when applied to the front suspension, it also integrates steering c... Read More »

DIY Car Bodywork Repairs?

A dent or ding in your car's finish from hail damage or someone parking too close to you in the parking lot can be a frustrating problem. As much as you try to avoid dealing with it, your eyes can... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Car Repairs?

Cars are wonderful things, when they are going. But when they go wrong they can mean the start of costly proceedings. Heading straight for the garage with your car is always the first thought, but ... Read More »