Automobile Repossession Laws and Pratfalls in Florida?

Answer When a consumer is unable to afford to pay for a vehicle outright, he often chooses to finance the purchase through a bank or lender. The borrower then makes regular monthly payments until the loan... Read More »

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Auto Repossession Laws in Florida?

When the owner of a vehicle does not make timely payments to a creditor, repossession is always a possibility. Florida law addresses various issues regarding auto repossession, such as when a credi... Read More »

Car Repossession Laws for the State of Florida?

Repossession is an unfortunate truth. People either can't or won't make their car payments on an item that they don't fully own, causing the company that loaned the money to buy the car to take it ... Read More »

Florida State Laws for Automobile Accidents?

Common sense should dictate how people behave after an auto accident. However, it is the province of lawmakers to ensure that happens. Florida, one of 12 "no-fault" states, has outlined specific re... Read More »

RV Repossession Laws?

RV owners may face repossession if they default on their loan. Recreational vehicles are usually purchased using a personal property loan, which uses the RV for the collateral for the loan. The mos... Read More »