Automatic-Transmission Rebuilding Tools?

Answer An automatic transmission is a complex piece of machinery with many small disks (clutches and steels) contained in larger cylinders forming clutch packs. The transmission uses both hydraulic fluid ... Read More »

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About Automatic Transmission Rebuilding?

Transmission rebuilding is one of the most expensive car repairs a car owner can face. Most people don't know when to rebuild, how much it will cost, what to do during professional service, or how ... Read More »

Tools for Rebuilding a Transmission?

Rebuilding a transmission is no easy feat. It requires attention to detail, patience and the proper tools. An experienced transmission mechanic can easily rebuild a transmission in his own garage, ... Read More »

Tools for Working on a Automatic Transmission?

According to Car Craft Magazine, an automatic transmission takes mechanical power from the engine, multiplies it through a coupling and a series of gears and then transfers it onto the drive wheel ... Read More »

New Transmission Vs. Rebuilding?

Many car owners have to deal with broken transmissions, something that occurs on almost every car sooner or later. This is never an appealing proposition, since a faulty transmission can't be ignor... Read More »