Automatic Transaxle Concerns?

Answer An automatic transaxle is a vehicle's transmission and drive axle combined into one component and bolted onto the engine. The result is a component with much more durability than conventional trans... Read More »

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What Is an Automatic Transaxle?

Automatic transaxles integrate an automobile's transmission into its final drive components (axle assembly and differential gear) in the same housing. Although a transaxle has several components, t... Read More »

Troubleshooting an Automatic Transaxle?

An automatic transaxle combines a vehicle's automatic transmission with its differential into a single unit. They are found on all front-wheel drive cars and some four-wheel drive cars.

How to Replace the Automatic Transaxle Fluid?

The transaxle sits between the two front wheels and serves as both a differential and transmission for front-wheel drive vehicles. Components inside the unit contain steel, brass and rubber. If the... Read More »

How to Diagnose Automatic Transaxle Problems?

Automatic transmission, or transaxle, problem diagnosis presents quite a challenge for most drivers. Transmission slippage can indicate serious transmission problems, but you should perform a few b... Read More »