Automatic Auto Battery Charger Instructions?

Answer An automatic battery charger can be used on any 12-volt car battery, including gel batteries, deep-cycle batteries, and both conventional and maintenance-free batteries. Unlike manual battery charg... Read More »

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General Operating Instructions for an Auto Battery Charger?

Often, if your vehicle will not start, the first thing to examine is the battery. Vehicles require a battery to not only start the car, but also to run the accessories such as the headlights and in... Read More »

How to Use My Auto 12V Battery Charger?

Car batteries often drain or die. This is due to any number of reasons, including improper maintenance, extremely hot or frigid temperatures or alternator failure or you simply forgot to turn off t... Read More »

12-V Battery Charger Instructions?

The 12-volt battery is a heavy-duty type of battery that is commonly used to power various types of transportation vehicles. A rechargeable version of the 12-volt battery is also available, allowin... Read More »

AA Battery Charger Instructions?

If you use items that run on AA batteries, where the battery drain tends to be intense and you have to replace them often, switching to rechargeable batteries can save you money in the long run. AA... Read More »