Autograph Bingo Ideas?

Answer Authograph bingo isn't just about collecting numbers on a grid, instead you are competing to find information about other players or people in the area. Find out who in your group has the most stam... Read More »

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Basket Ideas for Bingo & Quarter Auctions?

Bingo games and quarter auctions, where individuals bid for items in quarter increments, are not only entertaining but also popular methods of fundraising. A basket, full of items following a theme... Read More »

How to Play Bingo in Bingo Halls?

Bingo is a simple game enjoyed not only by adults but also by children. It is played all around the world online and in Bingo halls, retirement homes and churches. According to Bingo Weekly, about ... Read More »

How to Get an Autograph from a Footballer?

This is how to get a an autography from a footballer.

Who's autograph is this and what is it worth?

It's Jimmy Clitheroe....he was a British entertainer many years ago,well before the 1st World War.I have never seen his autograph before,so I reckon that is worth a lot of money.You need to take it... Read More »