Autoclave Protocols?

Answer An autoclave is a piece of equipment used in biochemical laboratories to sterilize contaminated material, such as bio-hazardous waste, surgical dressings and glassware. It uses steam at high pressu... Read More »

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What is autoclave temperature?

To autoclave an instrument is to sterilize a particular piece of equipment. The correct temperature to autoclave items will depend on if they are wrapped or not. To steam autoclave an item, the cor... Read More »

Can you autoclave a tattoo gun?

According to TattooJoy, an autoclave is the best piece of equipment to use when sterilizing a tattoo gun, or any tattoo equipment. Sterilizing with an autoclave ensures the elimination of all livi... Read More »

Who invented the autoclave?

Charles Chamberlain invented the autoclave in 1879, although Denis Papin created a precursor to the autoclave, known as the "Steam Digester" in 1679. The autoclave is used to sterilize medical inst... Read More »

What is the autoclave process?

The autoclave process is the fastest and most reliable means of sterilization. Designed in the form of a large pressure cooker, an autoclave uses steam under high pressure for sterilization. The sa... Read More »