Auto Head Light Adjustment Specifications?

Answer Your headlights are one of many safety systems on your vehicle. They offer light in dark situations and alerts to oncoming drivers. Misaligned headlights pose a danger as they either blind other dr... Read More »

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Band Adjustment Specifications on a Powerglide Transmission?

Although General Motors produced the Powerglide transmission, it is most commonly associated with Chevrolet. Within the transmission is a steel band that holds a gear within the transmission statio... Read More »

My Monitor keeps saying " auto-adjustment in progress". What should i do?

Can you convert a 1982 El Camino front end with two head lights into a 1981 frontend with only one head light without too much wiring difficulty?

Auto Torque Specifications?

When automobile manufacturers build engines, they set torque specifications for all of their components. These specifications must be followed to ensure that your engine operates properly and safely.