Auto Glass Cleaning Tips?

Answer Clean auto glass not only looks beautiful, it improves visibility for drivers and passengers. Dirty windows can obstruct a driver's view of traffic signals, other vehicles and even pedestrians on t... Read More »

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Auto Carpet Cleaning Tips?

Keeping your automobile's interior clean including the carpet not only reduces the amount of dust and dirt inside of the vehicle, but also keeps dust and dirt from staining your clothing and shoes.... Read More »

Tips for Cleaning Leather Auto Seats?

Leather auto upholstery is beautiful, soft and comforting when maintained and cared for properly. Unlike fabric car seats and upholstery, leather is a delicate material that can crack or fade when ... Read More »

Auto Glass Installation Tips?

Auto glass not only serves the purpose of providing a perfect view for the driver, it also helps keeping the roof intact in car crashes. It also supports the air bags in unfortunate accidents. If t... Read More »

Cleaning glass and mirrors. Help!?

If you have them clean then the problem is what you are using to wipe. Yes, crumpled newspaper works real well, but the new inks do leave a film. Invest in a micro fiber cloth and you'll never ha... Read More »