Auto Fan Relay Wiring Instructions?

Answer An automotive fan plays a critical role in an automobile's cooling system. The fan moves air through the radiator, which allows the engine coolant to lose heat more quickly. Unfortunately, an autom... Read More »

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What Does an ECM Wiring Relay Do?

Today's complex automotive engines need information regarding temperature, fuel consumption, speed and pollution to operate properly. The instrument making these decisions, the Engine Control Modul... Read More »

Wiring a Light Relay?

Use a relay to turn on a new light installed on your car or truck to keep high current from wearing out the contacts of the switch. Low current through the coil of the relay operates an electromagn... Read More »

What does ts stand for on a wiring diagram that shows a relay?

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the abbreviation "ts" on blueprints or wiring diagrams indicates technical specifications. On a diagram that includes an elect... Read More »

AMP Wiring Kit Instructions?

Amplifier wiring kits are essential tools for connecting an amplifier or powered subwoofer to a vehicle's stereo system. The kit includes a power supply cable, necessary for establishing the indepe... Read More »